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A large sack of glabrous skin which protrudes from the lower mandible in certain animal species.

Zoologists speculate that it is most commonly used to store more food that is needed for survival, though is also recorded to be used as housing for newborns in some species.
Animals most famous for the use of their tuj are: The lesser gaelic hamster, African tree goats and several members of the deciduous pygmy possum.
"Hey look! my pet hamster has a massive tuj"
"Thats cause their's a babby hamster in there!"
by Scrobble August 19, 2013
Thumbs-Up Jump

A single hop sending the legs into full tuck with the arms held at 45 degree angles forming two thumbs up.

Face of stone: optional.
Hey, I heard Brad threw down a T.U.J. at Sarah's party last night? Who was he serenading?
by Two_Oceans_Eleven August 27, 2012

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