What Beth wants. She had it once. He wore women's underwears and she let him get away after riding the motion of the ocean. Letting him get away: Biggest. Regret. Ever.
Beth: "I need to totes get some"
Arlyn: "Call on that captain to 'tug your boat'"
Beth: "For Shiz, I gotta get my tugboat captain back"
by BBLLAP February 13, 2013
Top Definition
A guy who videotapes himself masturbating and posts the video online with the hope of making a living on monthly subscription fees.
Eddie never did like being in sales, so he gave it all up and started life anew as a Tugboat Captain.
by Grimache November 07, 2008
Sexual intercourse with a female who has a ponytail that involves the tugging of said ponytail while fucking her in the ass and stimulating her vagina with a turkey baster filled with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.
Dude don't use that baster I did the old tug boat captain with Bre last night.
by Benjamin Dover 76028 July 14, 2009
A girl who is extremely loud during intercourse, like that of a tugboat horn sounding when entering the harbor, except the guys wangchung is entering her hootah.
I put it in her hootah, and she went all tugboat captain on me
by Baboom October 16, 2007
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