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A Tuesday Girl is the girl you hang out with who's so weird or annoying that she makes every girl look nice, lowering your expectations, making it easier for you to like a given girl, leading to more sexy time.

A Tuesday girl can be a bitch, an annoying friend's annoying girlfriend, or even just unattractive. The point is to lower standards by association, much like how an outlier can severely distort some statistical data.

The name is derived from "Tuesday" which is arguable the worst day of the week, behind Monday. The reason there is no Monday girl is because everyone has to have SOME sort of limit.

This is among the leading battles against the Nice Guy epidemic.
"Man, Chasity is such a whore AND a bitch. Why do you tolerate her?" "She's my Tuesday Girl. If I can handle her, I can handle fucking anyone"

"Yeah, I'd hit it. "Dude, she's like, 50" "Yeah, but she's fine for 50, and my Tuesday Girl is a 40 year old crack whore. Think about it."
by Insertwords October 12, 2009
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