A person who says your partner is their "bestest mate", then attempts to have sex with them. This is the same as Two faced or Cunt or Shallow. A Tucky can also be someone who lies constantly to boost his ego.
I hate that guy, He is a tucky and i hope he gets ran over.
by Arnold H April 16, 2005
Top Definition
Dude, I just blew a nasty fucking tucky on a hobo.
#tucky #tuck #shit #hobo #crap
by Tuck Mcgusterson February 20, 2011
A general suffix that can be added to various place names in order to indicate the people in that place typically have a hillbilly, or Kentucky-like, lifestyle. It doesn't always work, and sometimes takes creativity, but when it does, it can be hillarious.
Kansas Ci-tucky, Milwauke-tucky, Pennsyl-tucky, Den-tucky.
#kentucky #hillbilly #hick #moonshine #trailer park
by Freddy Ferno June 22, 2009
one who is or is acting lame or wack
"he was big tucky last night" ," yea hes tucky as hell" "hes a tucker "
#wack #goofy #crazy #weird #silly
by nefarious me October 03, 2009
A middle-aged man that still pulls down his pants to urinate whilst holding aloft the seat of said pants as to cover himself to avoid further embarrassment.
"I'm blind! I'm blind! I just saw a tucky in the men's room!" or "Dude, pull up your pants. You're too old to tucky." or "I should have bought a lottery ticket today. I just missed a tucky."
#drop your pants #pants around your ankles #little boys room #pee #urinate
by Free Speech 2013 September 04, 2013
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