When a guy has their dick and balls hiding behind their legs when they are tightly together, leaving only their pubes exposed.
dude, that picture of tate is fucking gross. It shows him tucked in.
by Jimmy and Cody March 27, 2008
Top Definition
Tucked In- is a classier way of saying, "We Boned, slayed, tapped, or fucked." Being "Tucked In" by a girl hints towards a more tender or romantic night, and often times the couple performing a "Tuck In" have feelings towards one another. This doesn't mean a worthy "Tuck In" cant be aggressive or describe a one night sex rampage.
Friend- "Bro, what did you and that girl end up doing last night? Did you slay?
You (smiling)- I got tucked in quite nicely.
by Bird87 February 26, 2010
The act of knocking someone out so badly they are snoring on the ground.
That Joe kid got straight tucked in when he tried to step to me last night.
by A-Mac911 October 20, 2008
It means like I'll take you to the bed then put the cover over your body so you stay warm.
If your going to bed I'll tucked in you then
by mawi April 17, 2015
meaning ur going to get whats coming to you, used by kincardine young team
"ur gonae git ur bed tucked in"
"anymare ae it ur gonae git tucked in"
by paula pagan May 15, 2007
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