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Beat by a wide margin. Pnowned. Humiliated. Named for the fastest knockout in MMA (mixed martial arts) history. A fight between Chris Clements and Lautaro Tucas; after a few seconds Tucas got knocked out with a single well-placed punch.
Holyfield kicked the tucas outta Tyson.
by WallPhone June 13, 2007
A Class-A drug in the form of multi-coloured silly string with a strong smell.
LOLZ, I just took 30g of Tuca wot I found on teh floor!! LOLZ!!!
by ajmint October 23, 2010
In Argentina, a roach (not the insect, you know what I mean.
Pasame la tuca.

Pass me that roach.
by jsg July 10, 2004