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1. Of or relating to ANYTHING having to do with food and/or the process of eating it. 2. Defined by a deep love and affection for a large collective range of music. 3. The term has modernized to title people who are large, or even obese. 4. The stereotype of one crushing on semi-attractive student teachers in class.
1.“It was very Tubbseque of Cooley to eat pizza at ridiculous hours of the night…cold!”
2.“The ipod was very Tubbsesque with music ranging in numerous genres.”
3.“The man had such a Tubbsesque figure; he had to buy two seats to travel on the airplane”
4.“The fat kid casually looked back in math class, making a Tubbesque situation and the jerks in class going as far as to call the student teacher Mrs. Tubbs, straying from the respect of titling her by her rightful name.”
by Tubbs Kattan March 03, 2009
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