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magnificent way to annoy your friends. nasty naked girl shitting into her own mouth.
That is nastier than tubgirl!
by educatedfool23 August 18, 2005
594 363
A popular shock image on the Internet. It features a naked Asian woman lying down in a bathtub with her buttocks pointed in the air. A stream of yellow fluid is coming out of her anus and landing upon her masked face. Her genitals are censored. It has often been compared to], another shock image.
Tubgirl is disgusting in the minds of many people.
by Ainolketta March 10, 2005
295 128
Perhaps the one most disturbing graphic images available via internet access (and in some countries, I'm sure there is a readily-available physical version as well). Consists of a photograph of a large naked woman lying on her back in a bathtub, knees around her face, as an orange-yellow liquid is released from her rectum, flowing in an arc which ends in her own mouth.

While the feat must be applauded for its impressive combination of acrobatics and imagination, it cannot be denied that it is one of the main contributors of the increase in America's dependency on antidepressants.

Image can be found at Visit at your own risk.
"Your mama's so fat, when she shits, her asshole gets as big as tubgirl's!" Whoa snap.
by Kristy Sorenson November 15, 2005
192 72
1. A way to show somebody you truly love them. 2. The gift that keeps on giving. 3. A link that sends you to the gates of Hell, or something reasonably close to it. 4. Assuming the position of tubgirl, an act of imitation. 5. Goatse's wife.
"To be tubgirl, is to be closer to the infinite, and to be closer to solving the enigmas of life's challenges. 'Tis truly an amazing experience." -G.P.
by Mirai87 January 06, 2005
214 125
A disturbed Asian woman who is in a tub, sticks her ass in the air, and splunges anal fluids out of her ass and into her mouth. A sickening website but lots of fun to send to people.
Pranker: Hey, go to
Random person: mkay
Pranker: haha, PWN3D
by Chris April 05, 2005
141 59
A famous internet shocksite that depicts an asian woman spewing what looks like diahriea into her open mouth. Upon research behind this photo, the orange tinge to the diahriea is from use of orange juice for the enema.
One of the most horrifying things I have ever seen is that picture of tubgirl.
by NYerger November 01, 2006
135 69
- A farting game gone wrong.

- Description : the picture of a girl, now known as tubgirl, in which she's lying down and lifts her feet up to her shoulders, so that her anus faces upwards, then literally takes a liquid dump on her own face.

- Often mentioned alongside goatse.
"Tubgirl is a case of semi-inverse bulimia"
by Leon April 07, 2004
107 53