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Refers to a player who tries far too hard in online video games games of little or no significance such as warm up or public servers. When most are screwing around or not even playing, this man furiously clicks away in hopes of proving something when nobody else cares.

As a spinoff, one can also be referred to as a trypanties while exhibiting the traits of a trypants with a dash of emo.
"rofl I just got killed by sir trypants in our spawn again."

"looks like someone has their trypants pulled up high tonight."

"aw look trypanties is complaining about lag again."
by ZenFountain October 26, 2006
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In the gaming world, try pants is a term used to signal that a player is going to put in effort.
Fred: damn your score sucks

Joe: I'm putting my try pants on.
by Virendar September 26, 2011
The act of putting on trypants , meaning that what you are doing is now "serious business" , these pants are worn when ;playing vid games, impressing a girl, the big game.
Oh man that guy just got shot in the fucking head, he def didnt have no trypants on.
by Matthew Alexander Ted February 02, 2008

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