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The act of posting in a thread specifically to move it the top of a message board (bump) because of its profound depth and importance.

A play on the word "goosebumps," in reference to the feeling evoked upon reacting to certain stimuli.
FighteroftheNightman Posted: 04/27/10 4:09PM ET

Truthbumps for the video of KRS-ONE breaking down the NWO in two minutes.
by Who Stole My Cookies? April 27, 2010
n. the body sensation associated with confronting and acknowledging a previously unvoiced truth that may manifest as muscular constriction, often of the chest, or as chills and tends to be accompanied by sudden changes in breathing
I totally got the truthbumps when my therapist called me out on my shit.
by allpraxis July 17, 2010
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