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Young person that does not work because they have trust funds
Similar to Trustafarian
There were a number of successful young trusties posing as artists there artwank I wish they would do real art given that they don’t need a dayjob
by goatonfire January 08, 2005
A very middleclass person, usually who attends university who does not have to , and never will attend a hard days work in their life. Due to having ridiculous trust funds, or/and rich parents.

Can also be applied to someone who has loaded parents so has no desire or need to work.
Trustie : For christ sake, Richard and James just got back from shopping at jack wills again ; I bet it all goes straight onto their parent’s bank account. They have never had a job, at 21. There SUCH Trustie
by Sirgingerlot June 15, 2008
UK only. Dithering driver of a very small vehicle (typically a Nissan Micra), who is frequently invisible from the rear and who drives at never more that 65% of the applicable speed limit, and who has a National Trust decal in the rear window.
look at the traffic backed-up behind that Trustie - bet they're fuming!
by Mayor of Newark December 08, 2007