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Pronunciation: Trung-ee
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): trun·gi·er; -est
1 : feeling or showing anger, stubbornness, or irrational or erratic behavior
2 a : indicative of or proceeding from anger <a type of angry word> b : seeming to show anger or to threaten in an angry but immature manner <a trungy hissy fit>
3 : painfully inflamed <a trungy rash>
- trun·gi·ly /-gr&-lE/ adverb
- trun·gi·ness /-grE-n&s/ noun
"That boy in the skater gear seems trungy at his friend, who happens to be wearing the same exact shirt."

"Why you so trungy?"

"Man...that guy just charged into a room head first looking all trungy"

"That dude just ate that entire piece of steak in one swoop. He must be trungy at it!"
by Spongebob McGee July 13, 2006