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When the one's nasal passage is blocked or shaped, at any particular time, in such a manner that a slight whistling noise can be heard when breathing in or out through the nose. One said to be releasing such a noise from his or her nose is temporarily gifted with the power of the 'trumpet nose' in all its glory. Sadly, as suggested earlier, the effects of the 'trumpet nose' are only short term, so treasure it whilst it lasts!
Megan: ...Chris...Hey Chris!!!

Chris: Yes love?

Megan: ...I've got...I've got...TRUMPET NOSE!!!

Chris: That's just fantastic news Megan, I'm oh so jealous..!

Megan: I bet! When was the last time u had it!? HA

Chris: ...it was such a long time ago, I forget...*sad face*

Megan: So T...Good luck getting to sleep tonight babe!

Chris: *mega sad face*
by Frank-Hood27 October 08, 2009

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