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A business school that expensively awards unaccredited diplomas and degrees that are nevertheless a billion times more worthy than any degrees students can afford to buy online.
Studying for a Trump University degree could make a student poorer by tens of thousands of dollars in the short term, but applying the street-smart skill set they'd learn could make them obscenely rich in the long run.
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by MathPlus November 23, 2016
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A fake, unaccredited school using Donald Trump's name that offers classes in real estate, management, negotiation, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation. They are another example of a diploma mill, like Walden University or Trinity Southern University. Their main source of advertising is from spam, which also include offers for pet medications, diet pills, software, loans, photo contests, and mortgage applications.
Hey, I bet that diploma from Trump University is so gonna help you land that position as head fry-chef that you've always wanted.
by I am the Donald March 24, 2008
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