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1) When you have been trolled into believing or questioning that what you did was not a product of your actions.

2) When you have been trolled to the maximum; trolled beyond all recognition.

3) When you are trolled into doing something that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

4) When someone trolls you by contradicting their original statement, then argues the contradicted point for as long as possible, confusing you on their actual standpoint.
1) Guy 1: Yeah! I sniped that guy across the map!

Guy 2: Nope, that was my gun, and my bullet, so that kill was mine. You just held the gun in position as I pulled the trigger.

2) Guy 1: Obama is from Kenya, those papers are fake.

Guy 2: No way in hell! Those papers are real!

Guy 1: Nope, not happening, its fake.

Guy 2: You are retarded!

Guy 3: Relax man, he just Trump Trolled you.

3) Guy 1: Hey kid, wanna buy this quarter for a dollar?

Guy 2: No, that is dumb.

Guy 1: This quarter will be worth 7$ dollars next week.

Guy 2: Oh yeah, right, lemme buy it!

4) Guy 1: I hate halo!

Guy 2: Why? Your just a hater.

Guy 1: I hate Halo but Sargent Johnson didn't die.

Guy 2: What... How would you know... and he did die!

Guy 1: Nope, no way in hell, your wrong, he lived.

Guy 2: He died on the last mission, you see his memorial!

Guy 1: Nope, your wrong, you imagined all of that.

Guy 2: *Rage quits*
by HateFilledRage April 28, 2011
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