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A person with skin that is rough, and or tough.
That gentlemans skin is truff.
by Truffman November 07, 2009
71 41
The 'mafia' way of saying 'true'.
Person 1- That chick is so sexy

Person 2- Truff...
by Chris S. aka. cgseif323 January 16, 2009
44 20
The lower parts of trousers (or pants) that can be removed by unzipping them. A contraction of Trouser and Cuff.
Make sure you wash your truffs with the rest of the trousers to ensure the colours continue to match.
by carlbtv October 11, 2011
8 6
when tough meets rough
Chuck Norris is truff.
by greenmonkeypc January 28, 2011
6 4
One who is sexually attractive in an extreme way.Often used to describe someone during truffspotting.
Any given attractive person.
by jim December 21, 2003
2 3