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A term that describes a person's blind loyalty to a team individual, or product.
Man ,George thinks the teams Quarterback is one of the best in the league but statistically he's one of the worst. He's really, really, a true fan or a daft lemming.
by Tribal_Warfare December 20, 2011
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Someone who supports a person or idol in a phenomenal way. They are loyal through thick and thin and have their back no matter what. Nothing can shatter this persons love for their idol. They have a true underdstanding of this person and will support them no matter what happens.
I love Chris Brown. He is a true idol. No matter what happens i know he will never let me or the rest of his fans down. He tries his best for is and I am forever grateful for his talent. I am a true fan.
by highonbreezy January 27, 2015
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