to truck or carry over a long distance or on rough terrain.
trucksto truck or carry over a long distance or on rough terrain.
by dcwiller March 09, 2005
n. stimulant pills to keep you awake. derived from truckers choice.
"I took some truckers so I could study 24/7 for exams."
by jim June 24, 2003
verb: To pick up, use, and drop off.
"I need a drink. I'm about to trucker that sad, lonely loser in the corner."
by Jonana84 September 26, 2007
another way to say "fucker"
wut u want, mother trucker?
by Rumil October 07, 2003
another word for a dyke
"Eeeeew Sara you're friend is a trucker."
by Bunnyb April 29, 2005
Truckers are the reason all you see in your rear view mirror is a radiator grill.
P.S., They kill families when they are in a hurry, and can only count to 70.
Look! Another Trucker just killed a family on the interstate! Bet he fell asleep!
by Pud May 31, 2005
a fat closet bisexual slobs; rude, crude and porn addicts.
Can be found mostly at topless bars, adult bookstores, truckstops with lot lizards and bears.
it takes no intellect to be a trucker!
by poptart082034 April 09, 2008

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