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to hit or beat someone with a blunt object.
When my son said he was gay, I began to trub him with a large rock.
by Rev. Mustard June 03, 2004
16 8
an out of townie expression. Rooted from the word trouble. It means forseeing oncoming danger, being and danger and ooops its too late you just got owned by danger.
3 whiskey and rye, 5 gin and tonic and 3 shots of tequilla later, did not see trubs coming and ended up taking her ugly-ass home.
by JayCrisis!! June 01, 2006
16 1
to beat someone with a blunt object
when I found out my best friend slept w/ my girlfriend, I began to trub him with a large rock.
by A-Town (da boy not da city) November 30, 2006
6 2
Thirty inch rims
Im doing eighty in the Lightning, the cops tried to pull me over but my trubs done blinded 'em.
by Travis and ANdrew March 01, 2003
10 6
Trojan condoms
Trying to come back to my room i got some t-rubs
by ishkibible January 28, 2009
1 0
A quantity metric similar in amount to 'three'.
The trub liters of cola are on sale for $0.49!
by Eric Schneider May 13, 2005
3 6
Refers to someone ugly, often looking like an ogre or a troll, they smell, they are overweight and overall look unpleasant
Person 1: "Look at him!"
Person 2: "Yeah! He looks like a trub"
by Akbarian Ninja November 28, 2009
5 11