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A Trout Molester is someone who has no self-control when it comes to their raging libido. A Trout Molester will dip his penis into anything that has a hole regardless of obvious painful consequences.

They will even perform throat sex on a Trout while totally disregarding the fact they have razor sharp teeth -- all in the name of an insatiable and overwhelming lust for sexual release.

Trout Molester = A person of Extreme Sexual Deviance.
Matthew: Wtf is going on in this god damned neighbourhood? Someone is going around removing door knobs on all the homes while leaving clumps of mayonnaise in it's place. Weird.

Higz: You have it all wrong, dude. It was Terry the Trout Molester who lives on the corner. He is responsible, and by the way; that's not mayonnaise.

Matthew: Huh?

Higz: The guy has no self-control, and he will stick his dick in anything with a hole, regardless of whether or not it has a pulse. Last week I caught the Trout Molester in the park having sex with a hollowed out cob of corn. He said that he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and therefore, "not (his) fault".

Matthew: What a sick cunt! Tonight I'll be rigging a door knob and motion detector to my wood chipper out back. That'll learn 'em, fuck yeah!
by Higzy February 20, 2012
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