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Usually a bar or restaurant, but any sort of establishment with "regulars" that all know each other and are afraid of strangers or new faces, that acts as a support group for the untalented and unfortunate people of the world who have been unsuccessful at their lives. This self-contained environment allows only positive feedback and therefore is intentionally oblivious to the real world and its harsh judgment. The denizens of this world are the "trout" that have been caught by the harsh realities of life and are farmed in a safe environment where no one can harm them. Karaoke bars and Independent Coffee Shops are frequently Trout Farms.
Everyone was telling me why my life was so terrible and I was so untalented, but the I went down to the Trout Farm and everyone told me how great I was and put gold stars on my crayon drawings!
by Ford Leiden December 26, 2009
a place, usually a bar/club, but can conceivably be anywhere that an unusually large number of good-looking women is concentrated. best when unexpected.
Oh my God, who knew that there would be so many hot moms at the fun fair at my kid's school-it was a freaking trout farm.
hot moms
by sheepdog1982 February 09, 2010
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