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1. Jizz that comes out so hard it rips through the condom.

2. When jizz causes problem for the person jizzing.
1. 9 months ago, I rode this so hard she gave me trouble jizz. Now im a father.

2. Last night I got trouble jizz when i was fucking my co-worker and my girlfriend walked in on us.
by MrEvans March 12, 2009
when you are going down on a girl and you jizz so hard it rips through the condom.

when jizzulation occurs at a time that is inconvenient or problem causing. usually prematurely but not always.

" ahh man i trouble-jizzed and now mary is pregnant."

"dude last night my mom walked in my room and i trouble-jizzed right on her skirt."
by Heinbauch March 12, 2009
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