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True facts. When a fact is so true to the point where you are required to aknowlage how true it is. Usually said online by gamers who misspell words on purpose to add humor to a declaritive statement.
Example 1:
Legit Person #1: I have just ownt that noob. Ha ha.
Ub3r l33t Guy: Troofax, d00d! joo totally pwnzed that guy lolol
Legit Person #2: Indeed. Those are definitaly true facts.
Legit Person #1: Would anyone like tea and crumpets?

Example 2:
Ed: The sauce they put on these tacos are so good.
Ted: Troofax.
by logical funk July 26, 2009
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Something that is true "true facts"

Variations include:
True Facts

Not to be confused with:

True Faqs

So the internet ISN'T a series of tubes?

Troo fax
by M-tel00 December 22, 2008
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