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A tromooonkeyurtle is a strangely tall red neck person who prefers to live in South Dakota. He looks like a mix between a troll, moose, monkey, and turtle. He hooks up with High school juniors who are highly intoxicated a week after losing his virginity. (Only drunk girls are attracted to this beast....) After said hook up, the girls will be miraculously teased by their friends and will feel extreme regret.
"Look, over there! Its a Tromooonkeyurtle, ahhhh whats it doing to that poor girl." _Bystander 1
"I think its on top of her.... how gross!!!!!" -Bystander 2


"EWWWWWWWWW! My friend just hooked up with a Tromooonkeyurtle, I have lost all respect for her..." -Friend 1
"I know right... Someone was horny" -Friend 2
#slut #horny #trampy #turtle #monkey #moose #troll #breckenridge #gross #intoxication #disrespect
by innocentbystander777 July 13, 2012
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