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Trombe is the spirit of manliness first given form as a gallant black stallion upon which only those manlier than the manliest of men ride. Like its German meaning, "tornado," Trombe lifts those around it up with feelings of hope and courage. When one embraces Trombe it becomes unstoppable and overrides everything in its path. The only force known to be stronger than Trombe is The Blue Danube. Black, red and yellow are its signature colors.

Trombe is as swift as the coursing rain, with the force of a great typhoon and all the strength of a raging fire. It's as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
Your speed is nothing compared to that of Trombe!
#manliness #epic win #manly tears #hotblooded #courage #honor
by Rätselhafter Feinschmecker October 19, 2009
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