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A fun ride that one gets on when a good trolling has already begun.

To join a group of trolls for the lulz.
Weaboo: I <3 Naruto ^.^
Troll 1: lol, u fapping to him right now?
Troll 2: here's a link to a good picture of him if u need help *posts link*
Weaboo: U guys r fags!!! Naruto would kick ur asses! NO LIFE!!!
Troll 3: Sorry, that wasn't the picture he meant to post. Here's good one showing his dick. *post link*
Weaboo: Dude stfu!!!! I don't wanna see a picture off his dick!

Random person reads, finds hilarious and decides to join in becoming Troll 4. Thus getting the trollocoaster underway.

Troll 4: Umad bro?
Weabo: YES!!!! gtfo!!!!
by Cobaltwire January 23, 2012
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