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One who looks like a troll, and acts like a polock!
Hey you fucking trollock, get out from under my car!
by Pat aka Bob March 02, 2004

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An amalgam of the words "Troll" and "Bollocks", describing the ridiculous statements a troll will use to goad and enrage unsuspecting newsgroup/message board/ web forum users into imbecilic flaming sessions.
"Ha, well, I made you reply to me, so I win!"

"Save your trollocks for people who haven't read it a hundred times before. If you're so socially inadequate you can't get people to talk to you without behaving like a socially inadequate imbecile, try the Samaritans."
by Hughes. November 14, 2004
Retarded 16 year old highschool kid. Submits words to urbandictionary.com that only make sense in their tiny little world.
"What the fuck does that mean?"

"Don't worry about it, some trollock making shit up again."
by stickfigure March 02, 2005