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To ingest cocaine instead of food, resulting in the loss of unwanted, or in some cases, wanted, pounds.
Jiminy: Mary-Sue sure looks a lot thinner since she started dating Paco.
Jominy: Fuck yeah. He's got her on the Mary-Kate diet. Nothing but white lines, mirrors, and blow-jobs.
by Stickfigure December 10, 2004
Mindless consumers who live in engineered neighborhoods. Have no opinion on anything until popular culture and media tell them how to think. Have to define themselves with posessions, because they have no personalities from years of corporate brainwashing. Suffer from the delusion that everyone wants their life, when in fact they do not.(Sometimes even they don't, but their programmed minds would never let them admit it.) Mistake insults and pity towards them for jealousy and envy. Go through life with blinders, failing to see or comprehend anything that is not right in front of their eyes.
Their infectious ignorance and baseless arrogance are the reasons other countries hate the U.S. so much.

Also see lemming.
The saddest part is suburbanites think the thoughts in their head are their own.
by stickfigure March 02, 2005
Retarded 16 year old highschool kid. Submits words to urbandictionary.com that only make sense in their tiny little world.
"What the fuck does that mean?"

"Don't worry about it, some trollock making shit up again."
by stickfigure March 02, 2005

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