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This is the new word that furries are using to get back at stupid, stubborn, ignorant trolls for insulting them. Awesome furries are starting to use this word more and more.
Troll: Yiff in hell, furfag!

Furry: Get a life, you stupid, ignorant troll. Stop insulting strangers whom you know nothing about, who probably live 10,000 miles away. TROLLFAG!! =3
#furries #furry #fandom #stupid #ignorant #stubborn #trolls #yiff
by NeoFox97 June 23, 2009
A homosexual individual who unknowingly annoys those around them with their over the top camp behaviour.
"I can't stand that new bishop, his lisp is so annoying, and he's always talking about interior decoration"

"Yeah, he just doesn't know the meaning of moderation, he's a total trollfag."
#trolfag #homotroll #straightroll #gaytroll #trllfag
by OxfordEnglish July 12, 2012
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