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The behavior exhibited by internet trolls while they are trolling. This is similar to the unintelligent act of tomfoolery, except with intention of being a complete douchebag over the internet to people you don't know who more than likely would be able to kick your ass in person.
Stupid fucking trolls. I can't make a serious forum posting without seeing their damn trollery.
by MercuryDragon March 09, 2011
Intentionally posting a message when it's likely, or suggested that you are parlaying it merely to elicit massive objectionable response. Generally used when you believe the OP (Original Poster, in this case, the one performing said trollery) is sarcastically disagreeing with said message.
Person 1 "The Sky is clearly never blue."
Person 2 "Of course it's blue sometimes. Your statement is clearly Trollery."
Person 3 "You fell for it, Person 2."
by austinwichita February 07, 2012