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A term to describe an act of intensionally enraging a group of people on an internet chat room or forum board. It's often used as a parody of Die Hard an action film from 1988, although instead of the protagonist climbing a tower full of armed terrorists he is climbing a tower of shit puns and all caps all in bold italics and font size 26, all while spouting memes and ridiculous opinions on a plethora of things.
Trolling hard on the Dues Ex fan forum:

User: Lol Halo invented the FPS, Dues ex looks like shit, and is old.


Troll hard on the Bungie forum:

User: Halo is shit lol MW2 is teh best fps evar, nd joo all know it.
by CC (IRL) October 12, 2010
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1. The act of someone trying too hard to be a troll.

2. Someone going out of their way to be a prick to someone else.

3. A variation of the word "Tryhard" where in this insatnce, one is trying too hard to be an asshole.
Hey, i noticed you're wearing blue socks... I hate you, you fat, ugly worthless shit face kid!

Wow, your such a trollhard! Your wearing blue socks too!
by SCREAMOpannts July 20, 2010
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H: Look that trolls got a troll hard
A: What a freak he must have looked at your boobs
by doubletroubleds September 11, 2011
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