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One, generally male, who has a tendency to date women whom are troll like or resembling that of a troll with a buldge in their pants and teeth in what would be their female reproductive organs. Also see the story of Beowulf where the main character, Beowulf, slays Grendal. Beowulf "slays" similar to lays Grendal with his mighty sword. Beowulf is a Troll King.
"Why is Sommer constantly dating those trolls."

"Well, after all, he is the Troll King."
#beowulf #troll #king #troll king #slay #billy goat gruff
by mel gibson1234 May 02, 2008
He thinks it's cool to rotate females in his 'circle', creating a dating wheel that just keeps on spinning. For some reason, the girls are miraculously attracted to the not-so-royal king, and those of us who are outside the 'circle' are wondering what the heck happened to the kid from elementary school who sat on the floor at lunch because no one wanted him at their table.
River: Ugh. Look at him. He's such a troll king.
Bear: Are you kidding me? He's gorgeous.
Sunshine: He wrote me a song... how sweet!
River: Oh God. How are you so blind?
#troll #manwhore #jerk #noah #allain
by Melody_Pond June 28, 2011
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