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a red neck and/or crack snorting alcoholic who spends most of their time in WalMart buying discount paper towels and eating at the ketchup packets at the McDonalds in the store.
they usually drive an astro van packed with six of their illegitamate love children, none of which wear pants or shoes.
that Trogladyte took all the free cheese from the deli, damnit!
by justineunit September 20, 2008
Someone who uses photos of their child or children as their default display photo on facebook or myspace.
Dude, check out this trogladyte who added me.
by Attorney Bob Loblaw September 25, 2009
One who is a stranger to a friend's mom
Him: I gotta meet your mom at some point.

Me: yea, tru dat

Him: yea, I don't want her to think I'm a trogladyte...
by smitty worben jager man-jensen January 15, 2011
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