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Pronounced "TRAY-STER"

That one guy that everyone makes fun in class because he thinks he knows everything, and thus has an answer to any question.

A Troester doesn't realize he is a dumb ass, which makes it even funnier when everyone starts laughing at him.
Professor: Now who can tell me about the French Revolution?

...before anyone else has a chance to think...

Troester: Well, I think it was in the late eighteenth century when, on the coastline of the United States, the Indians and the French bombarded the Louis and Clark expedition into the southwestern region of the Louisiana purchase...

...the professor interrupts...

Professor: Woah! Hold on for a minute! I think you have things mixed up!

Me: Yeah, you fuckin' TROESTER, shut the hell up!
by u7902h January 05, 2006
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