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A person who displays troll behaviour outside of the internet. This person is not afraid to make of fun you and will do anything to make you react. Often his/her comebacks are so ferocious that you are left wishing that death would come early. Most of these involve "your mom." If he/she is asked a normal question there is not a chance in hell he will respond in a sensible manner rather preferring to troll.
It is important to point out that Trobocops stay out of the habitat of normal trolls, namely the Internet.
TROBOCOP: *eating meat in a strange manner*
NORMAL PERSON: "What are you doing?"
TROBOCOP: "Usually your mum but currently, I'm cutting some meat."

NORMAL PERSON: "Why on earth would you wake up at 4 in the morning?"
TROBOCOP:"Because it's the time I reserved for your mum"
by Wennez February 05, 2011
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