a girl or boy that being nasty basically sleeping around
so what the fuck you out here trixin
by lakeisha July 18, 2005
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Top Definition
A misspelled portmaneau of trick and vixen, commonly referring to an attractive yet oversexed person. Most often, this word is used with negative connotations.
Yo dude she just humped and dumped yo ass like a trixin, I hope you ain't got no STD. Take yo D out and check it thoroughly.
by dontcallmewhite June 13, 2011
An awesome clothing company started by ShayCarl and his family.
Have you gotten your Trixin shirt yet? I love mine!
by trixinfam February 26, 2015
Clothing company
Shay is wearing his new Trixin shirt.
by Hailey Bellaird February 19, 2015

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