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1. a) Triumph's answer to the pitiful pleas of riders with dicks under 4 inches long who need a large displacement, grossly overweight motorcycle, to feel at least semi-adequate.

b) Triumph's response to losing a lawsuit brought by the GLBT coalition that charged Triumph with building the Bonneville and derivatives solely for heterosexual riders and demanding a Gay bike for alternative lifestyle riders. Upon seeing the new Thunderbird a GLBT spokesperson was quoted as saying: "Thweet!"

2. Triumph's attempt to appease the tasteless American masses. By abandoning classic style and adopting the Universal Japanese Motorcycle look (garnished with some rather obvious Harley Davidson touches), Triumph hopes to capture a few of the Rich Urban Bikers who buy both American and Japanese V-Twins.

3. Triumph's recognition of the American rider as both obese and slow witted. Oblivious to the irony, these riders who regularly criticize Harleys as being heavy and underpowered are beating down the doors to get Triumph's heavy and underpowered Thunderbird.

4. A Large useless motorcycle built for, and marketed to, rubes; the Thunderbird is easily recognizable as a Triumph because it says so on the tank.

5. Motorcycle of choice for the Silent Skulls Lone Riders Motorcycle Club (See also Mangina Motorcycle Corps)
Q. I am fat, gay, and afraid of Harleys but still want to pretend to be a biker, what motorcycle should I get?

A. The new Triumph Thunderbird of course!
by Bonnie4ever March 15, 2009
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