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1. A British motorycle company which dominated the motorcycle market with their medium range (500-650cc) parallel twin cylinder engine cycles from the 1950s to the 1960s. The epitome of two wheeled motoring and the last of a line of motorcycles which possessed a soul. From the early 1970s, Japanese motorcycle companies such as Honda came upon the scene and killed the heart of the British motorcycle with low cost production motorcycles.

2. A British motorcyle that can beat a Harley-Davidson any day of the week.

3. A finicky breed of motorcycle which is not for the faint of heart. Plan on tinkering with the motorcycle frequently and dealing with leaking oil. It is a futile attempt to get it to completely stop.
The low mechanical burble from the Triumph's engine was intoxicating as it idled in the cold morning sun.

Triumph motorcycles have true power and spirit, much in the way that a Honda does not.

"I couldn't go out last Sunday morning because my motorcycle was leaking gas and oil. It took me hours to make it leak less."
by JediMaster7 December 07, 2005
A motorbike designed by Hitler's 3rd reich. A bike many Nazi's adore to ride.
In a USA today poll, 9/10 Nazi's recommended Triumph Motorcycles as thier bike of choice.

The jews sure scatter like cockroaches when I arrive on my Triumph bike!
by 3rdReich September 30, 2005
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