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1. (man) a combination of both tristan (a horrible sex partner), and a thompson (a man with no testicles).

2. (woman) a girl who constantly grinds her teeth on your dick, whilst queefing untill your dick goes limp and her teeth grind your dick even more.

3. (n) A mild flame retardent, used in kinky love making acts.
Example 1
1: why do you keep calling that guy tristan?
2: i was drunk one night and thought he looked okay, so i pulled his pants down and he didnt have any balls.
1: wow, really?
2: yeah, that tristan thompson, was a horrible sex partner.

Example 2
That girl is horrible, shes like a tristan thompson or something.

Example 3
1: hey, howed it go last night?
2: it was okay, we decided on the tristan thompson brand.
1: ive never used that brand before how was it?
2: alright, she just had a few third degree burns.
by Mr. Stiky stiky September 22, 2011