a short brown haired crazy funny type of gurl. is the greatest gurl 2 eva meet. always have guys crowding around. gurls want 2 b her n guys always want 2 b wit her. loves 2 dance. has a nice body, nice gigly but still fun to be with.
trisha was the graetest gurl 2 meet
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Medium height, big butt, brown hair, brown eyes, nice, giggly person, eyesight usually bad, can be absolutely crazy, very attractable mainly to men, likes to dress up, wierd dancer, good girl.
"Trisha just said hi to me..OMG!!!"
by froggy_leap September 15, 2008
One fine, sexy mama. She is often adored by all and is a candidate for ruling the world.
Your girlfriend is such a Trisha. I almost came in my pants when I saw her.
by everblooming August 30, 2008
A sexxy girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Smart, pretty and down to earth. Can make you laugh.
Today is so boring, I better call Trisha to make it better.
by some person yes April 09, 2013
Irish origin- Female version of Patrick.
Trisha means strength, nobility, beauty
Diminutive of Patricia: Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples.
Nickname Trish
Micah: Hey, what does you name mean?
Trisha: Strength nobility and beauty.
Micah: Neat!
by Dylania May 09, 2008
An immensely charming girl who can sweep anyone off their feet. Bold (The type that guys love anyway). Funny, cute, sexy, hot and GORGEOUS. And wait not to mention CLUMSY. A body sculpted by a god to keep for himself. A born winner and an epitome of randomness (the good kind). But most importantly, an ass to die for.
Was with a Trisha last night, and boy I felt like I was God.

Awwww, she did a Trisha.

Wow, is it me or does that chic have an ass like trisha's.
by Devils own. April 13, 2010
To cancel, reschedule, back out of, or otherwise fuck up plans with little or no notice. Most often occurs when the canceler themselves suggested or personally supported the plans themselves.
Friend 1: I'm really excited to go do that thing you suggested. We should leave in about 30 minutes.

Friend 2: Sorry, I can't go.

Friend 1: Wow, way to pull a Trisha.
by paulmonkey June 30, 2014
A short blonde girl who's a bit fat. She thinks she's the shit. Loves to start drama. And is very clingy to boys. She can be nice, but is usually mean and rude to her friends. She has multiple personalities. She can be a poser most of the times.
"Wow that Trisha is one hell of a bitch"
by SilentxTears January 31, 2014

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