To Be "a Trish" is to be described as a acting in an immature fashion most likely less than your age would indicate you should be. Normally used in relation to a woman or feminine male who behaves in a scatter-brained fashion but who is always in the peak of fashion and trend setting.
"I really don't get along with Greg anymore, he's become such a Trish since he made the money."
by Chiron DeMolis January 08, 2005
Top Definition
A sexy strong sensitive woman who is straightforward and honest. A person who makes a great friend. Loyal almost to a fault, funny thoughtful and loving. She would be someone you want on your side. Protective may be her middle name and she will always stand up for herself and what she believes.
Man I was feeling attacked and went all Trish on the guy!
by GuyInYourCloset February 03, 2010
Immature, offensive, and irritating at times, but she has the cutest face and fattest ass you'll ever see. Very caring and loves to get intimate on multiple occassions. Down on herself - but she's perfect. She has no idea how much she means to her significant other, she feels as though she doesn't deserve me, but it's the other way around. She's the ultimate woman; funny, very intellecutal, articulate, and sarcastic in a good way, and sexy as all hell. I love her more than anything I can even fathom. She's my baby girl.
Hey, you see that bitch over there?

Bitch? That's my baby Trish, watch your mouth- she's special. She rides that dick and she handles her liqour.
by Luckiest man to ever live April 13, 2010
A very beautiful girl, that has brown hair and green eyes. typically has several guys around her at a time and makes friends easily. people easily love her.
Trish is the shit! I wish I could be like her...
by itswhnisay August 23, 2008
To neaten up or make clean
I want to trish my locker before the end of the year.
by Kopious February 10, 2012
A Trish is a name you call a funloving, albeit immature person. To call someone a Trish, said person should be independent and somewhat selfish, laidback but sometimes offending. Trishes really define the whole 'foot in mouth' phrase. They mean well, but don't always give the best impression.
Friend-"Do i look fat?"
Trish-"Wellll, i wouldn't say you look very skinny."
Friend-"Gee thanks, way to pull a Trish."

Teacher-"These fierce seamen were called vikings."
by hotdang January 22, 2007
a game to play whilest bored.walk into your nearest store, preferably carpet right or focus. wonder around saying "Trish?" looking under everything, see how much attention you can create.
claire:*lifts up carpet* "Trish?"
store worker: "can i help you?"
claire: "no thanks im just looking for trish..." *carries on*
by claire1991 October 25, 2007
Seething ex wife and horrible blood sucking leech. Commonly found hiding behind courtrooms or relaxing in it's well appointed (and provided) accomodations.
"Did you see the new horror movie about the blood sucking Trish?"

eg...when fishing, common baits are worms, minnows, and Trishes.
by kpeters April 28, 2012
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