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Shit, shower, and shave...the 3 things you gotta do before goin' out or hittin' the scene.
It's 7 right now...I'll meet y'all at 8. Right now it's triple S time.
by Nick D February 08, 2003
To cum, puke, and shit yourself simultaneously.
Laura the Manager: Right, is there anything else I need to know?

Nathan: *raises hand* Just before I started my community service, there was an incident with this girl. I picked her up in this dentist's waiting room - like she was having some kind of oral surgery. So we go out. A few drinks, a couple of kebabs, and then it's straight back to her place and start with the shagging. And I've built up a nice rhythm and I'm getting really close to blowing my load, just have her in the pleasure zone. And then BAM! All hell break's loose. I tripled my self.

Laura the Manager: Sorry, I'm not familiar with that term.

Nathan: You know, triple. It's when you cum, puke, and shit yourself all at the same time.

Kelly: For fuck's sake

Nathan: Three bodily functions, doing the triple.

Curtis: *scoffs*

Nathan: You're telling me that's never happened to you?

Curtis: No!

Nathan: Anyways, I lied about my name, so she probably doesn't even remember me.

Alisha: I don't think she's ever forgetting you.
by Superhoodie fangirl December 17, 2010
when u shit, cum and puke at the same time.
I had a steady rythm going and then i just tripled myself :p.
by ythfucwudinoit September 27, 2011
Shit Shave And A Shower
Shit Shave Shower
' I Need A Triple S When I get Home'
This Implys That One Must Have A Shit A Shave And A Shower. But Not At Once.
by Liam Turpin November 23, 2003
To puke, shit and jizz at the same time.
guy #1"i was sat watching the football the other day, then bam, tripled myself"
guy #2-"..."
by 123qwe456rgv December 17, 2010
When one needs to Shit, Shower, and Shave in any order.
Custom: I'm using the bathroom.
Nifty: Going to be long?
Custom: I'm taking a Triple S.
Nifty: You better let me go first...
Custom: Ok I'll wait.
by NiftyCustom March 07, 2010
The act of going into your bathroom to perform 3 simple procedures to help better your body. The three words are shit, shower, and shave.
Yo dude, I'm going into the bathroom to some Triple-S action.
by patrickerbe May 16, 2006
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