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A triple rainbow is where you purchase a carrot, a cucumber and a banana simultaneously, then later insert them into every crevasse of your body possible, creating the "Triple Rainbow".
John, you'll never guess what I can do! Oh God, please tell me it's the Triple Rainbow...
by 123everyonelookatme May 24, 2011
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The most completely awe-inspiring and orgasmic experience. Even better than a double rainbow. If you're not seeing triple rainbows, you're just not livin', dude. Paradoxically, if you do see a triple rainbow, the sheer intensity and beauty of it will probably kill you.
by jeckylantern July 27, 2010
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Nathan Fillion created the phrase: Triple Rainbow, which builds on his creative use of Double Rainbow, only to a greater degree! It is often used in conjunction with All The Way Across The Sky.

It means that which is:

• totally ecstatically wondrous, across every universe in existence

• endlessly joyfully amazing, throughout the world, and beyond imagination

• full-on orgasmically blissful, forever and ever, to infinity, and beyond
Here are some usage examples for Triple Rainbow. (For more examples, see the Twitter page belonging to NathanFillion:)

The TV shows Castle and Firefly are so intense, they are Triple Rainbow, All The Way Across The Sky."

The movie Serenity is so vivid, it's Triple Rainbow!

Nathan Fillion is so awesomely spectacular, sexyhotmessgorgeous, and brilliantly talented, his fame is sweeping across the nation, and over all the world! Nathan Fillion is Full On Double Rainbow, even Triple Rainbow, All The Way Across The Sky!
by Kcat10 July 17, 2010
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Such intense amounts of joyous orgasmical ecstasy that it makes Double Rainbow feel like torture
Refer to Double Rainbow
Johnson: Dude I just saw Inception yesterday.
Randolf: Oh yeah? How was it?
Johnson: Dude.... TRIPLE RAINBOW!!!!11!!1
by BOYETCHLES July 17, 2010
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