Visiting McDonalds, Burger Kind and Taco Bell during the same meal time as defined by the likeness of Scal from the Boston Celtics.
Scal decided to hit up the triple crown for diner.
by Scooby's Doobie July 25, 2009
When a man has sexualintercourse with three totally different women in a 24 hour time frame. This can work for a woman that has sex with three men.
I fucked Angelina at lunch time, then for dinner I had Anna and as a late night snack Jessica came over and I fucked her too, completing my Triple Crown!
by cowboy_clay May 21, 2009
A delicious shot of whiskey, a horse tranqulizer, a horse laxative, and a Viagra. Try one and wait for the shock.
Dustin took a triple crown at the bar last night and woke up to a few surprises!
by holyhorsecrap June 25, 2008
Way BACK WHEN... A picture of three crowns graffitied on to a clothing to show other people that he or she is better than you..

When a person masters 3 of any hiphop skills.

example... (DJ, BREAK'N, RAP) or (BREAK'N, RAP, GRAFFITI)etc...
that fool landed on his head!! hahaha and he has a triple crown on his jacket!!! dumbass!!!

See that dudes graffiti?? what garbage!! I guess one of those crowns isn't for graffiti ahahahaahahahahha!!!
by OLDSCHOOL EASTCOAST February 27, 2004
A sex act related to the Shocker. One finger in a woman's anus, one finger in her vagina, and your tongue on her clit, all at the same time. Stimulates a woman's three most sensitive areas at the same time.
The first time I did the triple crown on my girlfriend, she came so hard it brought tears to her eyes!
by A Name No One Else Is Using August 26, 2006
When three men touch their penis heads a.k.a. crowns together. Usually occurs after numerous beers. Not gay. Much like wenis buddy.
There hasn't been a triple crown winner in baseball for many years but me, Rich and Alex pulled off the triple crown last night at the bar.
by Uncle Dewey December 05, 2005
To be inebriated 3 consecutive days/nights in a row. Not to be confused with the double crown which is only 2 consecutive nights. Done well by Trent students
J-Dawg: Yo, What we say'n this weekend?
Adam: Fo sho we be bust'n out the triple crown
by J-Dawg January 28, 2004

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