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Short for "Fuck, Double Fuck, Triple Fuck", a drinking card game for four or more players.

HOW TO PLAY: Start by laying out more face-down cards than there are players. Each player gets to choose a "primary card", which they will hold on to throughout the game. Players place the card face-up in front of them. Reshuffle any extra cards back into the deck.

Choose a designated dealer to keep things less confusing, and give this player the deck. Moving clockwise, the dealer will address "guessers" one at a time.

The guesser will be issued a "secondary card", which will be placed next to (not on top of) the primary card. However, the guesser has the optional choice of guessing the suite of that card before it is placed down. If the guess is correct, all other players (including dealer) are charged one drink (usually a sip) and the guesser gets to discard his secondary cards (giving him only one card for a round).

Furthermore, the secondary card that is placed down becomes the "indicator" card. If any players have a primary or secondary card that matches in suite OR number value, they will take a drink for each match.

If only one of your cards match the secondary card that was just placed down, you take one drink (fuck!). If both match, you take two (double fuck!), but if the guesser correctly guessed the card's suite AND you have two matches, you take three drinks (triple fuck!).

After a round, everyone should have a primary and secondary card. Continue going around, placing new secondary cards on top of old secondary cards.
Players: Primary Cards / Secondary Cards

Riki: As / 5d (dealer)
Eric: 6h / Qc
Jacob: 2s / Jc
Alex: 9h / 3d

After a round of playing, all players have both a primary and secondary card. Riki guesses his next card to be a diamond, and it turns out to be a 9 of spades (9s), which becomes his new secondary card. Anyone with 9s or spades will drink. Riki takes a drink for having a spade (As), Jacob takes one drink for having the spades (2s), and Alex takes one drink for having a 9 (9h).

Riki: As / 2s (dealer)
Eric: 6h / Qc
Jacob: 2s / Jc
Alex: 9h / 3d

Now, Eric guesses, but he noticed that Riki has two spades (As and 2s). Hoping to totally screw Riki over, he guesses spades. The card miraculously turns out to be an 8 of spades!

Riki gets the triple fuck, so he takes three drinks (one because Eric correctly guessed, and one for each suite match). Eric has no matches, so he takes no drinks and also discards his secondary cards for a round because he guessed correctly. Jacob takes two drinks (one for a match, one because of Eric's guess), and Alex takes only one (because of Eric's correct guess.

by Riki Satoru February 04, 2009
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Man I really triplefucked that test.

That sex with that girl last night, man I triplefucked her ass like she was a cowboy hat.
by Spoony McSpoonSpoon January 04, 2010
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