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Big Booty BadBitches (yes i meant BadBitches its one word)
- Yo nigga where the Triple B's at?
- IDK man. Let's find some
- Bet!
by BB Gambini October 11, 2010
A triple B is an alternative option to calling someone a "Baby Back Bitch". A baby back bitch is someone who is constantly whining and crying about things that are irrelavent and basically those people need to grow a set. A triple B is a shortened and comical way of reffering to these people.
How to use it:

"Your such a fucking triple B"
"You are the defenition of a triple B"

"Cheesey. Grow a set and stop being such a triple B"

"He wept when Bambi's mother died like a hardcore triple B"
by tbizzle27 March 14, 2009
big booty bitches - enough said
I think I may try to pick up some triple B's tonight.
by Peg Leg Pete October 14, 2007
Big Black Breasts; similar usage to BBC which stands for Big Black Cock.
Damn, I'd like to get my hands on those Triple Bs.
by Triple B Master May 26, 2004