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Valley Girl style slang, exclamation to express the intensity of an event
I had the most tripendicular time last night
by big wave dave August 22, 2003
80's style surfer slang. Really wicked, in the raddest way. Having a Tripendicular time is like having the the most awesome day of your life.
Today was the most tripendicular day ever!
by William81 October 22, 2007
Based on the term Definition of tripendicular :.


1. (adj.) akin to, or the disorienting view one has while falling or moving as in an arc, or in a direction other than just horizontal or vertical.

Origins: And alteration from perpendicular and parallel. Looking at per-, weigh or by way of, refers to dividing or crossing a path (a 90 degree angle to a path). Similarly, para-, along side of, refers to following next to a path (a zero degree angle to the path). Using tri-, made of three groups, refers to the third orientation to a path, which is made up of a percentage of per- and para-.

Most recently used in Central California slang (surfer/Valley Girl/80s): meaning way out, radically cool, weird but cool. related to trippin'.
They traveled tripendicularly on the roller coaster. or : The wave was way trippendicular dude! It was like 10 feet high!
by rewolf7 November 15, 2013

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