AKA: Trip

l33t d00d, he's from #netwhores, and is a netwhore himself, BEA WAIR HIZ LEET NET HOARISH WEYZ, OMFG!!!!111111ONEONEONEONE!11111EONEONE!!!

<uberuser> w0rd trip

-- Tripen was kicked from #netwhores by uberuser (w0rd)

Tripen is the shit

<Tripen> I'd watch.
by uberuser July 19, 2004
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Pretty cool guy. he's known for being a perverted windows user that hangs with linux/BSD users. still a cool guy tho.
<Tripen> when u asked if i wanted you to take it off... you were referring to clothing, correct?
by InfinityBuffer July 19, 2004

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