A nice cool girl named after a goddess.😇😎
Trinity is Cool,nice,good,hot,please.
by daddysgirl2003 January 13, 2015
Trinity, simply put, means three.

Three of an object or three people.
Look over there, there's trinity of them.
by d3 August 16, 2003
The most nicest, awesome, and popular person around. They will always be there for you no matter what. She falls in love easily and can be kind of boy-crazy.
"I'm a trinity"
by Trayson January 19, 2015
A beautiul, goofy girl that Is very rare. This girl has a very nice shape. She's definitely a keeper.
Is that Trinity she's so beautiful!
by Queen_A April 05, 2015
A girl that's...
Loves blue
Trinity is so awesome
by Trindog April 15, 2015
Trinity is a gorgeous girl who is very kind and tends to be extremely nice! A Trinity is a great friend to have! You are an extremely lucky person if you have a Trinity for a friend don't mess up and keep her as a friend for ever!
Trinity is a great best friend!
Don't lose a Trinity!
by And.g May 23, 2015
Beautifully perfect woman
That girl is so trinity
by batmaninc March 17, 2015

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