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Goatse, tub girl, and harlequin fetus. Used to disgust over-confident weak mindent n00bs to the point he will want to be reapetedly raped by dolphin to death. The pics are seriously underrated though, there are things much, much worser than them on the net, and not only still pictures.
by Anonymous August 04, 2003

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goatse tub girl
Goatse, Tubgirl, and the Harlequin Fetus, the 3 worst (or best) things on the internet as one.
Ive seen the whole Trinity. It changed my whole outlook on the world. It's that strong.
by Brandon June 24, 2003
3 of some of the most disgusting sites on the Internet: Goatse, Tubgirl, and Harlequin Fetus. I strongly recommmend you DO NOT attempt to find these sites, they are disgusting as hell!
I'll pay you $1 million dollars if you see the Trinity in its entirety!
by dj gs68 April 24, 2003